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Trail Tuneup

I ran the Backyard Burn 10 Miler at Fountainhead Regional Park on Sunday. 

I run the trails here often, and it's great fun having the opportunity to run some different (temporary) trails created just for the Backyard Burn.
Mile 3 or so, cruising along

This is a hilly one, and I really like the course. EX2 Adventures puts on outstanding races.

It was a beautiful, chilly morning, perfect trail racing weather. Any day I get to race in my tattoo arm warmers, I'm happy.

Hubz is usually a reluctant photographer, but today he offered -- and seemed to relish his role.
I haven't run a short race in quite awhile. Not surprisingly, I found I didn't have the drive to push as hard as usual. Part of that was by design: I wanted to see how I ran if I kept my heart rate (mostly) under control. 

Around mile 8. Yes, I walked this hill.

I'm not sure that was a fair test, seeing that my training has been almost all easy running since my fall marathon. I'm definitely not on my racing game. 

Half a mile to go, time to kick!
What does this mean for Bull Run Run 50 Miler in less than two weeks? Probably not a PR. Then again, if I look back on prior years, I've never felt ready for Bull Run Run. So who knows?

Post-race bliss. I was quite happy with my final sprint.
 I'm just looking forward to spending a day in the woods with my friends.


Laurie Euler said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! No are you ready for some Rock Chalking?!

@PavementRunner said...

Great photos... and those arm sleeves rock! Miles are miles and sounds like you are taking the right mind set into your next race... just get it done. Keep running strong!

ultrarunnergirl said...


KateKirk said...

I love how happy you always look in your running photos:) And nice rack in the last shot, btw. When they do the trail running bikini issue, you're gonna make the cover!

Allison said...

Sounds like a great run! I love the arm warmers. :)

ultrarunnergirl said...

Kate - ha! I do look busty in that last one, don't I? Optical illusions are cool.

Amy Reinink said...

As usual, lovely photos! They capture the peace and beauty of trail running—and you always look so happy and peaceful in them!

Kim said...

Great pics! What skirt are you wearing?

ultrarunnergirl said...

Kimba - it's my Atalanta Commitment skirt, best running skirt ever made. Unfortunately, the woman who made them no longer does, too much demand and I guess she didn't want to make a career of it.

Sabrina Moran said...

AH, I thought I commented on this, but it didn't take. Sounds like it was so much fun! Good luck at Bull Run Run. See you this summer! I'll be at WUS again in just over a month.

ultrarunnergirl said...


amy said...

I think we took the dogs hiking at Fountainhead once. It's great there! Congrats!

allpointswhole said...

Reading your about me sounds like we have quite a bit in common! Hoping to get into trail running very soon and can not wait to run my first ultra!

Heather lyn said...

Hi. Thanks for the compliment. Unfortunately, it wasn't the demand so much as the publics demand for new new new all the time and as a one woman shop there was no way to keep up with the RD budgets of the big guys, nor the low price items made in China. I made them for about 3 years and in the end, I just couldn't afford to keep working for free!!! Scratch that, I couldn't not make money AND keep putting money into it.

Anyhow... there is a size IV available on ebay right now - found a few in a recent move and put them up there.


SkirtGo ddess said...

A whole new batch of commitment skirts will be available next week at www.skirt-goddess.com. Get 'em while you can. I doubt they will last long! Thanks! Heather

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