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Trail Tuneup

I ran the Backyard Burn 10 Miler at Fountainhead Regional Park on Sunday. 

I run the trails here often, and it's great fun having the opportunity to run some different (temporary) trails created just for the Backyard Burn.
Mile 3 or so, cruising along

This is a hilly one, and I really like the course. EX2 Adventures puts on outstanding races.

It was a beautiful, chilly morning, perfect trail racing weather. Any day I get to race in my tattoo arm warmers, I'm happy.

Hubz is usually a reluctant photographer, but today he offered -- and seemed to relish his role.
I haven't run a short race in quite awhile. Not surprisingly, I found I didn't have the drive to push as hard as usual. Part of that was by design: I wanted to see how I ran if I kept my heart rate (mostly) under control. 

Around mile 8. Yes, I walked this hill.

I'm not sure that was a fair test, seeing that my training has been almost all easy running since my fall marathon. I'm definitely not on my racing game. 

Half a mile to go, time to kick!
What does this mean for Bull Run Run 50 Miler in less than two weeks? Probably not a PR. Then again, if I look back on prior years, I've never felt ready for Bull Run Run. So who knows?

Post-race bliss. I was quite happy with my final sprint.
 I'm just looking forward to spending a day in the woods with my friends.

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