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A Run for Sherry

On a cold, cloudy Saturday, I ran for Sherry Arnold.

I met up with friends Kris, Yonas and Merhawi at Teddy Roosevelt Island parking lot. We pinned on our bibs, talked about Sherry, and started our run in her memory.

Yonas, Kris, Me and Merhawi
As we ran, we chatted, but Sherry was in my thoughts. I thought about her family and friends. About how unfair it was that a morning run ended in tragedy. I thought of how much it sucks that women still, and always will, have to worry about their safety. There's no way to guarantee that something bad won't happen to us, even if we never leave the safety of our home. 

I decided that being friendly, open and trusting is better than living in fear. 

I took a moment to offer up my gratitude to people like Sherry -- women, teachers, mentors, runners -- who have had a positive and lasting impact on the lives of others.

I thought about what Sherry's cousin Beth (Shut Up and Run) said about this run:  "Despite the circumstances that will bring us together, smile because we are collectively doing something that symbolizes compassion and connectedness." 

I was glad to share these miles for with friends. It was comforting and reassuring and life-affirming.

Kris and I, post-run

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