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Fall Beauty

Fall has been beautiful here on the East Coast.

The leaves seem more intensely hued this year. The weather has been perfectly behaved. And my parents came to visit!

Bill and JoAnn
On The National Mall
We spent our days eating at our favorite French restaurant, tasting excellent wines in the cozy cellar of Chateau O'Brien, perusing the Phillips Collection Museum of Modern Art (we even spotted Yoko Ono!) and ambling around the National Zoo and the World War II Memorial.

WWII Memorial and Washington Monument
Washington Monument and World War II Memorial

Reserve Cellar Tasting at Chateau O'Brien
Cellar tasting at Chateau O'Brien

Wax room
Laib Wax Room installation, The Phillips Collection

After their far-too-short visit, we headed to the mountains for a trail run in Shenandoah National Park. It did not disappoint. 

In true Fall mountain run fashion, the morning started out cold and got windier and colder. On the other side of the mountain it turned sunny and quite warm, causing us to sweat. 

Deep layers of leaves concealed but did not cushion the rocks beneath our feet. Twenty miles, six hours, several big climbs and descents, and one bunless burger (thanks to Elkwallow Wayside!) later, we were satisfied with our day.

Photo Nov 03, 8 39 10 AM
View from Overall Run Falls, Shenandoah National Park

Photo Nov 03, 8 17 57 AM
The guys amidst vivid yellows and golds

Wherever you live, I hope you are out taking in Autumn's beauty.

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